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Each year the Great Waters Music Festival delights thousands of people through an audience composed of both residents and visitors to the Lakes Region of New Hampshire.  Now entering the 2018 season, the Festival has distinguished itself by combining an idyllic setting with a diverse range of concerts.  The Festival's thoughtful and sophisticated blend of tradition and innovation has resulted in rapid growth and popularity.  Thanks to years of evolution, refinement and commitment, the Great Waters Music Festival has become the prized musical organization of Lakes Region.

In a typical year, over 5,000 cultural adventurers attend our performances, from every age and background imaginable - much like the globe-spanning musical variety displayed by our concert evenings.  Beyond that, the festival has turned into an unmatched opportunity for forward-thinking organizations and corporations to present themselves amid a public outpouring of such beauty and substance.  The result is an audience that is large, diverse, and loyal and growing.

It begs the question:  was your company there?  The good news for you is that, as a sponsor there are many customizable marketing benefits designed to offer you excellent ROI. Plus opportunities to have direct engagement with guests and community members. We want to partner with you!

Bottom line:  one would be hard-pressed to find any annual event that holds such a reservoir of good will.  Here's a golden opportunity for your company to stand squarely behind it.

Find out all the ways  your organization can benefit by placing itself on center stage., please contact Cheryll Andrews, Executive Director: 603-569-7710, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Thank you to our Season Sponsor for connecting community to culture!