Studies show that music can help reduce anxiety, be an integral part
of stress management and serve as a proven form of relaxation, not to
mention it generates smiles and brings people together. In support of
this research, “Music Heals” has been the motto for the Great Waters
Music Festival Street Piano Project since it took over the project from
local resident Peter Cole in 2017.

In 2014, Peter, a former Program Chair of Great Waters, visited
Littleton, NH and heard music coming down the street. Littleton’s
pianos sparked an idea for Peter, and that year Paul Zimmerman and
Jim Friedrich joined Peter in this start up effort. Three used pianos
were painted by volunteers, tuned sweetly, provided with covers and
placed at key locations with help from Wolfeboro’s Parks and
Recreation Department. Then, visitors and locals alike sat down and
started to play a favorite tune or just tickled the keys. The Street Piano
project was born!

In 2017, Huggins Hospital joined Great Waters as a sponsor of the
Street Piano Project and continues today as a key partner joined this year by Ashton & Co. We also want to thank the businesses who have
aided this project over the years by guarding our pianos- Butternuts
Good Dishes, the former Hallmark Store now Winni-Paw Station
Woof-boro Pet Shop, The Country Bookstore, Wolftrap Grill and Raw
Bar and Paul Zimmerman. We plan to be back in front of these
establishments in bright new colors next year. Thanks also to our
painters Ilona Train and Company and Dori Sterndale.

But, for now, along with so many other projects and events, our Street
Piano Project has changed due to COVID- 19. Pianos are resting up in our
storage unit and in basements of volunteers who are giving them a new
coat of paint to welcome the 2021 season. But maybe now, more than
ever, we need “Music to Heal”. Thus, we are going virtual and taking to the
web instead of the streets. We are asking any of you, young or old, who
enjoy playing the piano to visit our website, or our Facebook page and upload a video of a short piece of music that “heals” you. We will be sharing these throughout the summer to lift all of our spirits.

If you have any questions, contact Michelle Frahm, Great Waters marketing coordinator, at 603-630-9628 or

Please tag us as well and use #GreatWatersNH #StreetPianosAtHome. Let’s keep music alive at Great Waters and throughout the Lakes Region.

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