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New Hampshire native, Juston just released his new special on Prime Video, “Parentally Challenged”. He has appeared on both the “Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno” and on the “Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien.” He has numerous appearances on Comedy Central including his own half-hour presents special and his own one-hour Comedy Central special, “A Middle-class Hole”, which was released by Warner Bros. Visit www.JustonMcKinney.com for more info!

Carolyn Plummer.  God help us.  Some comics rely on the monumental events of the day or the faux pas of the rich and famous.  Not Carolyn.  Carolyn pulls material from the hum-drum, day-to-day monotony of the life of every man; and she does it well.  To Carolyn the monumental is easy… it’s our existence that’s so hard, yet so ridiculous.  Some women look in the mirror and complain that they aren’t pretty enough, not rich enough, not young enough.  Carolyn gives her reflection the finger.

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