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View of Wolfeboro Bay

huggins granite one logoGreat Waters Music Festival proudly announces their acquisition of the Wolfeboro Piano Project. For the last three summers, piano music has been flowing through Wolfeboro's downtown streets, whether from the joyful noise of a toddler banging away at the keys, an inspired improvisational artist, or an accomplished musician, people of all ages have enjoyed playing and/or listening. This project, using four bright and whimisically painted pianos, was started in 2013 by Peter Cole of Wolfeboro and Jim Friedrichs of Mirror Lake. 

The friends were inspired when they happened to see an established piano project in Littleton, and knew they could do it in Wolfeboro. The colorful pianos are located near Durgin Stables, between Black's Paper Store and Butternut's,  between Bridges Hallmark and the Downtown Grille, and next to the Wolfelboro Falls post office. The kind attention of the store owners and their staffs keep the pianos safe and dry during the rain and overnight. Kathy Rankin and her team from Wolfeboro Parks and Recreation replace the pianos in June and return them to storage in late September. Paul Zimmerman, a local businessman and participant in the piano effort, has generously provided free storage for all the pianos in the winter. The concept of the "street pianos" has spread worldwide reaching over 10 million people via the international effort called Play Me, I'm Yours as well as local efforts such as Great Waters. Project funds paid local artist Kelsey Fleet to decorate the pianos. Volunteers make sure they're clean and supplied with project information/donation pamphlets. Great Waters is delighted to continue this public service to music lovers and listeners for summer 2018. Great Waters Music Festival is a non-profit organization which started in 1995. For more information on the piano project, 2018 show schedule, events plus volunteer and sponsor opportunities call: 569-7710 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.